ING, Subscriptions Management Redefined

Introduction: Yes, I did my thing and added a function to the ING app. Our era is dominated by subscriptions and research shows that 76% of people have active subscriptions on their accounts. Being a user myself and also for technical reasons I thought the best place to manage subscriptions is in the banking app. Although it has some technical challenges banks have the resources to finish the job. I thought and redesigned the product page of the ING banking app to introduce a game-changing feature – the Subscriptions Section. With a keen understanding of user needs, this addition ensures optimal management of diverse subscriptions, simplifying the banking experience.

By doing a competition analysis and immersing myself in the experience of managing multiple subscriptions, I used the guidelines below to design the version you see below. 3 usage researches showed with minor changes the design is intuitive and user friendly. I had some hesitation about the section for automatic or manual subscription part- don't mix with the renewal payment section- I decided for the purpose of this portfolio to go with it for now.

  1. User-Centric Design:

    • Embrace a sleek and intuitive interface crafted with the user in mind.

    • Navigate seamlessly through your subscriptions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  2. Comprehensive Overview:

    • Gain insights into your financial landscape with a consolidated view of all subscriptions.

    • From utility bills to streaming services, effortlessly track and manage expenses.

  3. Visual Clarity:

    • Enhance user comprehension through visually appealing icons and categorization.

    • Prioritize subscriptions effortlessly with a clean and structured design.

  4. Customizable Alerts:

    • Set personalized notifications for upcoming subscription payments.

    • Empower users to stay financially informed and in control.

  5. Mobile Integration:

    • Recognizing the evolving definition of subscriptions, seamlessly include mobile plans and devices.

    • Keep pace with the modern user’s diverse subscription portfolio.

Please try the prototype and let me know what you think.