As a designer, I love crafting experiences that empower people

Crafting impactful experiences through UX and design thinking. Seamlessly merging creativity with user-centric principles, I'm Med Vaghar, a tech enthusiast with a background in the social sciences. With extensive experience in e-commerce, fitness, lifestyle, and banking... my solutions aim to empower users and simplify complex tasks. Let's collaborate to create meaningful designs that resonate deeply with users.


Projects and case studies


79% of the ex-pats, immigrants, or foreign students, (me included) when they go shopping usually come across a food ingredient that they don't know and do not know how to use, I designed a solution to provide the relevant info that changes the mind of 71% of users

Urban Palette

65% of people do not feel confident when buying clothes, and 58% are unsure whether their choices align with their desired style and color preferences, I tried to come up with a solution by Redefining the way we buy clothing based on the AI suggesting a whole outlook set like a digital personal shopper


Recent research by Statista shows the average person has 10 fitness and lifestyle apps on their phone and people who are more active and interested in tracking their fitness progress, I tried to solve this hassle based on best practices


Data shows that 76% of people have active subscriptions on their accounts and the number is increasing daily, we need an intuitive way to manage them. I designed it for the ING banking app to improve the the whole experience and engagement with app

Designing multiple user interfaces for players and websites based on best practices

Interface designs

The global beauty industry is worth over $500 billion, and 44% of consumers prefer to book beauty services online, but Glammms focuses on young artists and customers on a budget who want quality and tailored service, let's have a look how

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