In the vast landscape of beauty, Glamms emerges as a beacon for individuals—where aspiring junior professionals meet their ideal customers, and personalized beauty experiences come to life. In a market teeming with talent, Glamms focuses not on beauty salons but on the vibrant stories of junior professionals eager to showcase their skills and customers yearning for tailored services. It's a space where the struggling artist finds their stage, and customers discover the beauty of individualized, at-home experiences, making every appointment a personalized masterpiece. Welcome to Glamms, where the spotlight is on you—whether you're the artist seeking your breakthrough or the customer envisioning beauty on your own terms.


Methods and tools:

Competitive audit, functions inquiry, best design practices and all design was done in Figma and Photoshop

In today's beauty landscape, traditional approaches fall short for both aspiring junior artists and modern enthusiasts like Lisa. A staggering $500 billion global beauty industry pulses with opportunities, yet junior artists grapple with a stark struggle—finding customers in a competitive market. Simultaneously, customers yearn for more than conventional salon experiences; they seek tailored, customized services that seamlessly fit into their busy lives, even at home, and at affordable prices. This is the void Glamms aims to fill—an innovative solution that empowers junior artists and fulfills the evolving needs of beauty enthusiasts.

problem statement

Empowering Junior Professionals: Glamms becomes a lifeline for junior professionals, offering them a platform to shine and connect with customers. The app's user-centric design bridges the gap between aspiring artists and clients seeking a more personalized touch in their beauty experiences.

Linking these two situation and creating a win-win solution will be main feature and the application will be working solely with private individual users beauty artists not saloons, the main focus is on people not establishments

I am still working on this application, the pages have not finished and Ill update this page gradually

Revolutionizing Beauty Experiences:

With Glamms, user discovers a revolutionary approach to beauty—personalized, accessible, and tailored to her preferences. The app's strategic design not only simplifies navigation but also empowers Lisa to curate her beauty journey effortlessly.